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4 Questions All New Patients Ask

1. What Is My Problem Causing My Pain?

On your first visit, Dr. DeSalvo will take the necessary time to listen and learn about your problem. After that, an examination will be necessary to physical evaluate the problem areas. This examination may consist of x-rays as well. Dr. DeSalvo will discuss his findings at that time and give you a pretty good idea as to what your problem is and if we will be able to help.

Referral to the proper specialist will take place if your condition is a non-chiropractic problem.

2. What is the Best Treatment?

Dr. DeSalvo will take the necessary time to correlate the history, exam findings, surface EMG and/or x-rays findings to determine the best course of care. Dr. DeSalvo’s treatments are unique, effective and gentle. Hi technique consists of gentle non-force, instrument and manual treatments. In addition, he practices Quantum Neurology Technique, which is a treatment approach that numerous olympic athletes use to maintain top form. Physiotherapy methods and exercise are often recommended.

3. How Long Before I Will Feel Better:

If we accept your case, relief is often experienced within the first treatment day to first week. The appropriate corrective therapy will be dependent on your condition. Rest assured, we will begin the process of helping you to give you relief as quickly as possible.

4. How Much Will Treatment Cost:

Prior to any exams or treatment our staff will discuss all possible cost issues. If you have health insurance our staff will verify your chiropractic benefits and share your chiropractic coverage.

We understand that if you have never been to a chiropractor you may be even more apprehensive with additional questions. You can be assured we will share with you all relevant information to ease your concerns.

Cost and Insurance FAQ:

The Most Common Questions Regarding Costs and Insurance are:

  • Are you covered by my insurance plan?
  • What does the treatment cost?
  • What does my insurance cover or what do I pay out of pocket?

1. Are We On Your Insurance Plan:

Dr. DeSalvo is a preferred provider for Blue Shield of California. Dr. DeSalvo is a non-participating provider for all other plans including Medicare. Dr. DeSalvo does not accept worker’s compensation cases.

2. What Does The Treatment Cost:

There are 4 financial categories for patients. Major medical health insurance, Medicare, Personal injury insurance such as auto accident injuries, and Private Pay/Cash patients.

  • Health Insurance: Payment with insurance will depend on that particular policy co-pay and/or deductible, which will vary.
  • Medicare: Medicare covers chiropractic care with limited benefits. However the co-pay and deductibles are relatively low. Benefits are discussed in detail upon arrival to office.
  • Personal Injury/Auto Accident Insurance: Auto insurance is covered by auto med-pay, lien or private pay. Personal injury insurance for the most part covers chiropractic care with little to no patient out of pocket expense.
  • Cash: Affordable private pay/cash arrangements are available.

3. What Does My Insurance Cover:

Your chiropractic care benefits will be verified upon your first visit. All polices vary and would have to be individually verified. Our staff will gladly help you determine your chiropractic coverage in one brief phone call. (Sometimes it takes 24 hours to get the information from your insurance carrier)