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We are proud to deliver state of the art EEG/ERP testing for concussion/TBI. Douglas DeSalvo D.C., auto crash injury expert states, “Traumatic Brain Injury in auto injury collision occurs due to “whiplash” (Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Syndrome) as the head and neck are violently thrust backward and forward in a rear-end collision or the opposite in a front end collision. The brain is concussed as the neurons in the brain get overstretched with significant forces without hitting the head. Direct impact to the head occurs with striking an object in the vehicle like the head restraint, steering wheel, side window or front windshield.

The CDC states the following:
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of death and disability in the United States. TBIs contribute to about 30% of all injury deaths.1Every day, 153 people in the United States die from injuries that include TBI.1Those who survive a TBI can face effects that last a few days, or the rest of their lives. Effects of TBI can include impaired thinking or memory, movement, sensation (e.g., vision or hearing), or emotional functioning (e.g., personality changes, depression). These issues not only affect individuals but can have lasting effects on families and communities.

Our office uses the FDA Cleared Cognision System to evaluate our auto accident injury patients and athletes for Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion

EEGThe COGNISION® System is an FDA cleared EEG/ERP* device used by neurologists and other specialists to evaluate complex neurologic disorders. Dr. DeSalvo uses it as part of an in-office protocol for evaluation of Altered Mental Status which can include Concussion, mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS), and Dementia including Alzheimer's Disease.

*ERP is Event Related Potential. An event-related potential is the measured brain response that is the direct result of a specific sensory, cognitive, or motor event. An ERP measures brain electrical activity time-locked to a specific event during the EEG for better identification of injury. Often, concussion results from micro trauma resulting from stretched axons and neurons and chemical changes not evidenced on CT or MRI.

This test is recommended by the world's leading evidence-based medical guideline (ACOEM). All tests are evaluated by a board-certified neurologist. The test takes 1 hour to complete and is painless to do.


When should the test be done?

This test can be done immediately after an accident or even within 6 years to see if you are still experiencing the effects of a concussion.


"In mTBI, there are numerous deficits noted especially challenges with executive functioning, which can reasonably be correlated to dysfunction (EEG slowing) in a certain lobe of the brain." "Very excited to be part of the team, and especially excited to help mTBI victims. I have seen first-hand how a "simple" MVC can ruin their lives and those of their loved ones."

- Latha Ganti, MD, MS, MBA, FACEP Brain Injury Researcher and Clinical Advisor for Cognision

"In fact, motor vehicle accidents (MVA) and falls are responsible for most TBIs suffered by Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 2 million Americans per year experience TBI, with 14.3% caused by traffic accidents and 40.5% caused by falls. That means some 286,000 TBIs result from car crashes annually. The actual number may be much higher, because brain injuries aren't always immediately obvious after an accident. Indeed, TBI is commonly referred to as a "silent" epidemic because many people do not associate brain injury with concussions-the most common form of TBI."

- The Brain Injury Society


"We received a grant from Neuronetrix as part of their grant competition program to begin a demonstration project on the utility of using the COGNISION®System. Our research work was in low and middle-income countries, specifically Sub-Saharan Africa. The Neuronetrix staff was very helpful in working with us to set up the system to ensure it would work optimally in the field. We were able to show that the system was very user-friendly and easy to learn for our local research assistants. It was also very resistant to issues with interference, grounding and even sounds from busy clinics in the next room. On an individual basis, we were able to see differences between patients with significant neurological conditions and healthy controls, and also to see potential differences between small groups of older HIV patients in comparisons to older controls. Data is also promising in the system's ability to demonstrate possible brain changes following computer-based cognitive training and other interventions in the field. Overall, the system appears to be very dependable and able to be used even in more difficult, remote areas. For clinical trials or other research in cross-cultural settings when local languages can vary so much, the COGNISION®System presents an important option for research-based direct, biological measurements."

Bruno Giordani, PHD
Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, and Psychology and School Nursing
Chief Psychologist, Psychiatry
Associate Director, Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center (MADC)
Ann Arbor, Michigan

"The COGNISION®System provides a large amount of data that is important to the treatment of my patients. COGNISION®customer service provides unsurpassed real-time support."

Richard Holub, MD
President and Director
Neurological Associates of Albany, PC
Albany, NY

"The COGNISION®system has been instrumental in providing our program with functional electrophysiological data to improve not only detection of cognitive impairment but has also aided in the differential diagnosis for our patients."

James Galvin, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Clinical Research
Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, FL

"Our never-ending endeavors to expand reliable, cost-effective diagnostics and therapeutic options for cognitive rehab is an unrelenting daily effort. The addition of qEEG and ERP tests, using the COGNISION® platform added nearly two years ago, has provided clinically relevant information not obtainable from currently available "functional testing", such as Virtual Reality or Neuropsychologic Testing. Consequently, we have successfully performed over 400 of these studies, allowing us to substantially augment our diagnostic capabilities."

Stephen L. Scranton, MD, FACP
Brain Fitness Centers of Florida, LLC
Clearwater, FL

"Cognision®has been a useful tool in my outpatient neurology practice for helping narrow down the differential diagnosis of dementia in our patients with co-morbid psychiatric disorders such as depression. The availability of this testing (done in our office and by our office staff) is a definite benefit to our patients. The Neuronetrix Customer service has been very helpful with any questions or difficulties we encountered and are always readily available."

Salam Zughayer, MD
Key Neurology
Frederick, MD

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