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Pain Neutralization Technique in Novato CA: Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT) is the lifetime work of Dr. Steven Kaufman, D.C., L.Ac. from Denver, Colorado. After using it in his own practice for years, in 2006 Dr. Kaufman started teaching his technique to other healthcare practitioners.

Pain neutralization technique uses no medications, no supplements, only hands, and is not invasive in any way. Pain neutralization is based on a carefully chosen series of gentle maneuvers of the body's exterior soft tissues, which can literally "turn off" pain signals to any given area of the body. There are no known adverse effects.

Trigger point relief through pain neutralization technique

A muscle trigger point is a spot in the muscles, joints or tendons that causes pain. This pain can be localized or remote, signaling pain in other areas of the body. For instance, there are muscle trigger points in the neck and upper back may cause headaches, or pain in the lower back.

What sets pain neutralization technique apart from other types of trigger point therapy is that PNT places pressure not on the actual muscle trigger point, but on the neurological reflex that corresponds to the point.

How pain neutralization technique works

Pain neutralization technique works with the relaxed muscle to free the opposing muscle from its state of contraction. Douglas DeSalvo, DC will apply slight pressure to manually activate the neurological reflexes in the relaxed muscle. As the relaxed muscle begins to contract, the nervous system reacts by instinctively relaxing the opposing contracted muscle, or the muscle causing the pain. As the contracted muscle releases, the pain immediately dissipates.

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