What to Expect on Your First Visit in Novato CA

Chiropractic Novato CA First Visit

First, arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to provide our staff with your ID and if applicable, your insurance information in Novato CA.

Did you fill out the online intake forms? If not please arrive 30 minutes early.

Our staff will introduce themselves to you in the waiting room and escort you back to the exam room.

A pre-consultation will occur with our new patient coordinator. Your chiropractor, Dr. DeSalvo will then follow up with more detailed questions and will listen to what is ailing you. Dr. DeSalvo will ask what your specific goals are. Are you simply looking for relief from your pain? Are you looking to improve your ability to do specific tasks? Or are you wanting to achieve optimal health?

Dr. DeSalvo will ask specific questions to help them diagnose the condition. Then your chiropractor will do specific physical exam involving orthopedic tests, range of motion and palpation to verify their diagnosis. Biomechanical x-ray analysis is usually performed to rule out mechanical abnormalities and severity of the problem.

We are most interested in your comfort with our thorough process. If anything is uncomfortable make sure we know. We can modify our verbiage, exams and treatments to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. We want you to have a GREAT experience with us.

Dr. DeSalvo will establish a working diagnosis of your condition and will explain to you what your condition is, how it can be resolved and how you can keep it from coming back. We aim to get you well in as little visits as possible, so the more you can do between visits to facilitate your healing, the better.

If your chiropractor discovers that your condition is not a chiropractic condition, we will refer you to a healthcare provide more appropriate for you. Once you are established as a patient of ours, you are able to ask us questions you may have about the care and diagnostic tests you received by other healthcare providers. We are happy to be a resource for you.

If it is a condition your chiropractor deems chiropractic can fix, your chiropractor will explain what the treatment will consist of. If you agree to start chiropractic care, your chiropractor will treat you during your first appointment.

There are a variety of chiropractic treatments in Novato CA, and we will do the best type for your specific needs:

Some people are very tight and need a type of adjustment that involves gentle mobilization of the body around to loosen it up.

Some people are more fragile, and need a gentle approach to getting the body lose and pain free.

Physiotherapy may be rendered to increase speed of recovery.

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