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Rapid Release Technology is offered at our Novato CA chiropractic clinic. Also known as RRT, it allows Dr. DeSalvo and staff to provide painless, high-speed vibrations to decrease or melt scar tissue and adhesions found in tender fascia and spastic muscles.

When your body is injured the immune system is stimulated to heal itself. When this happens we adhesions and scar tissue. Adhesions are stiff, ropey fibers that pull on healthy tissues. They can become permanent and weaken the injured area allowing for recurrent pain and disability in the future. They can also impair blood flow, pinch nerves, and impair lymphatic drainage. Adhesions must be freed up otherwise they will impair the body's ability to function.

We use the Rapid Release Technology because it feels good and does not hurt, compared to the pounding action of slower percussion devices or the scraping action of contoured tools. This is much more comfortable. You don't have to be in pain. We can help!

What Is The Rapid Release Therapy Pro2?

It is an FDA-registered high-speed vibration device.

What Are The Benefits Of The Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 In Novato CA?

The benefits of the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 include relief of minor aches and pains and relaxing muscles. Relief is often immediate and relief tends to last longer than relief felt from regular massage.

High-velocity vibration also closes the "pain gates" of the nervous system, providing an analgesic effect. This means this procedure is usually painless. Unlike massage, were pressing on tender muscles is painful, applying the PRO2 even on very tender muscles does NOT hurt! Often a tickling or relieving sensation is felt instead of pain.

What Is High-Speed Vibration Therapy?

Rapid Release Therapy pioneered high-speed vibration therapy in 2010 and discovered the optimal vibration speed for versatility and results. The Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 uses this powerful vibration therapy with high frequency and short strokes to relax muscles and reduce aches and pains.

How Long Are The Treatments?

RRT is part of the treatment plan when ordered by the doctor or to complement the chiropractic adjustment. The initial time we apply the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 to the region is 2 to 5 minutes. We keep the initial session brief, so we can see how your body responds to high-speed vibration. We do not use the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 continuously for more than 10 minutes as there is no observed benefit to sessions lasting longer than 5 minutes per area.

What Are The Contradictions For The Pro2?

  • The Pro2 is not to be used with persons with pacemakers or defibrillators.
  • The Pro2 is not to be applied over implanted plates or screws.
  • The Pro2 is not to be applied to an open wound, bruises, incisions, tumors, or cancer.
  • The Pro2 is not to be applied over bony surfaces.
  • The Pro2 is not to be used on a patient with a history of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) blood clots.
  • The Pro2 is not to be used on a patient with a disease(s) that deep vibration is not recommended.
  • We will stop the session if irritation, swelling, excessive redness, or pain increases.
  • WARNING: This device should not be used over swollen or inflamed areas or skin eruptions.
  • We will not use it in the presence of unexplained pain or inflammation and will refer you out to a specialist to determine the cause of the inflammation (to rule out insidious causes like infections).

What Rapid Release Therapy Is Used For:

NECK PAIN: Stiffness in the muscles of the neck can lead to a stiff and painful neck. Rapid Release Therapy can relax these muscles and allow freer movement. The PRO2's smaller flat head is ideal for these smaller muscles. Remember to take off all jewelry, and pull the hair up and away from the RRT, as hair and other loose items can get sucked up into the RRT's vents.

BACK PAIN: The back is full of muscles that control posture and supports your daily movement. The PRO2's flat head of the large tip and treatment cap is ideal for relieving stiffness in patients with muscle tension and spasm in the back.

HIP PAIN: The muscles of the hip are often the most neglected. Rapid Release Therapy can relax these muscles and relieve aches and pains of the hips and lower extremities. The PRO2's flat head of the large tip and treatment cap is ideal for these large muscles.

ELBOW PAIN: Elbows are vital to the movement of the hands as the muscles move the hand anchor on the elbow. And these muscles are often overworked. Rapid Release Therapy promotes relief and eases movement, taking pressure off the elbow, and relieving elbow pain. The PRO2's flat head of the soft tip is ideal for this boney region.

WRIST PAIN: Muscles in the forearm move the hand and wrist. Freeing up these muscles with Rapid Release Therapy improves movement and relieves pain. RRT to the wrist itself often relieves pain from conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as well as takes the pressure of the lesser-known tunnel of the wrist, the Tunnel of Guyon. The PRO2's flat head of the soft tip is ideal for this boney region.

HAND PAIN: Rapid Release is uniquely suited for use on hands and fingers because of the small treatment disks and the ability to apply with a small stroke. Even the bigger tips of the PRO2 can be very comfortably used on aches and pains in the hand. Many patients come in just to have their fingers treated with the RRT as it relieves the pain from their arthritis. The PRO2's flat head of the soft tip is ideal for this boney region.

LEG PAIN: Rapid Release Therapy relaxes the muscles in the thigh and calf regions. The RRT releases stiffness in the hips and knees to provide improved ease of movement, taking the strain off the muscles that move these large weight-bearing joints. The PRO2's flat head of the large tip and treatment cap is ideal for these large muscles.

FOOT PAIN: As the foundation of the body, the foot is a complex structure. They are critical to the body's ability to stand, walk, run, and jump. Unbalanced feet lead to an unbalanced body. Foot pain can lead to limping, which can lead to knee, hip, back, and neck pain. Rapid Release Therapy can release muscles and reduce such aches and pains. Though it can tickle to apply RRT to the feet, if tolerated, most report immediate relief from the foot and or heel pain. The PRO2's flat head of the soft tip is ideal for this boney region.

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